289 Piano Concerto No.1

Down 34. 1st of Brahms's 7 entries. A bad start: this is its lowest ever position.

Although nowadays Brahms is often remembered for his full-blooded, large-scale works, at the time of writing his Piano Concerto No.1, he was a very different composer. Brahms' comfort zone was music for solo piano. This particular work was his very first creation for the instrument on a more epic scale.

Brahms no doubt feared accusations of an inability to transfer his chamber-music success into this altogether grander form. Sadly for Brahms, his worst fears were realised. The piece was dismissed by those in the know and, in its day, it was never held in such high esteem as other Romantic piano warhorses of the period. Now, however, it's a very different story: this is one of the best-loved and most frequently performed piano concertos in the world.

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